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My name is Acarya Jyotiriishananda Avadhuta and I live in Carbondale, Illinois. I have been dedicating my life for P. R. Sarkar's Mission called "Ananda Marga" or "Path of Bliss." I am a trained monk and a meditation teacher having taught on many topics (including water and detox therapies), in many parts of the World, including China, Taiwan, India, South America, Haiti, and the US. The goal was to share spirituality and simple methods of yogic self-care to support a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, so that people can maintain their inspiration and become self-empowered in regards to their own physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Sharing and educating about the natural wisdom of  "Sentient Health" for Harmony, Balance and ultimately deeper spiritual Love and Bliss is done using detox methods, dietary suggestions, yogic exercises, water/mud/and steam therapies, kiirtan (spiritual song and dance), deep meditation and the sharing of good company.

Sentient Health - A Blissful Life Through Water (pdf.format)